Hi! I'm Dillon Greenberg. For the past year I have been helping actors in NYC create custom and perfectly cut demo reels to help give them  a competitive edge in this crazy industry we call show business. As a hardworking actor myself, I get how hard it can be to obtain all those must need marketing materials, and even more hard to know HOW to cut down your own materials. That is why I created " Dillon's Demo Reels" – to merge my specialty with editing and my passion for show business into one!

I hope to help you get your acting materials ready soon so you can #book! 

Dillon's Demo Reels

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Dillon's cuts helped me create a precise and effective demo reel that agents loved, casting directors have commented on, and has increased my call-in rate greatly! Coming from a spot of not exactly sure where to cut my materials, and of course wanting to keep more content than needed, it was refreshing to have Dillon's invaluable input. She knows what she's doing!"


– Justin Pontier


Dillon did an incredible job putting together my reel. She took a bunch of footage and really made me stand out. She not only captured my best performances, but was able to show who I am as a person. I cannot thank Dillon enough for my awesome reel!


– Erica Clare


"I had a funny scene that was too long to submit, so I had Dillon edit it into a proper actor's reel for me. It was funnier than the original. I was blown away! Ever since submitting my reel I have been going to a lot more auditions. Dillon knows what an actor's reel should be, and is an amazing editor. Highly recommended. Thanks Dillon!" 


– Kevin Kenny

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Phone: (916) 662-6683